Foliage Sisters

Foliage Sisters

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If the colour green could step into our world, they would be these foliage sisters. These ladies are the bright, energetic and joyful personification of that happy green. They are the shelter in a rainstorm and the cool shade in the blistering heat. Green is a source of energy and a soothing presence for weary minds. They are a welcoming home to our eyes and our hearts.  


Foliage Sisters was created, layer by loving layer, until the colours shine with an unmatched depth, even in its subtlety.


An original watercolour painting measuring 21x29,7 cm, painted on High-Quality 300gsm Hot Pressed Cotton paper. Only the highest quality materials were used in the creation of this painting.



Original character concepts by Maxine Vee. Personalised & Adapted by Leonie Jonk.



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