About Leonie

I'm a self-taught artist and have been for the majority of my life. Although I have a background in Digital Design and fell out with art for a little bit, a few years ago we found each other again after a severe burnout left me mostly bed-bound. Now, several years later and a fibromyalgia diagnosis richer, my art is my life. Art is what connects me to the world inside of me, and the one outside my home in a way nothing else possibly could. As a spoonie (and as a person!), this connection through creativity is invaluable.

My art allows me to not only create a colorful world around me, it let's me exist for a moment without pain or worry. It lifts and brightens my day, every day. 

It's my dream to help others feel that same joy through my art.


Handcrafted in the Netherlands

After having spent the last decade in beautiful and bustling Amsterdam, I've moved to the small town of Volendam (where I grew up) to find a place of calm that fits my needs. I live there with the two loves of my life, Dimitri & Motto, where I create art and share it with the world.