About me

I'm a self-taught artist and have been for the majority of my life. Although I have a background in Digital Design and fell out with art for a little bit, a few years ago we found each other again after a severe burnout left me mostly bed-bound. Now, several years later and a fibromyalgia diagnosis richer, my art is my life. Art is what connects me to the world inside of me, and the one outside my home in a way nothing else possibly could. As a spoonie (and as a person!), this connection through creativity is invaluable.

My art allows me to not only create a bright and colorful world around me, but it also lets me exist for a moment without pain or worry. It lifts and brightens my day, every day. 

It's my wish to help others feel that same joy through my art.


15% Off All Items


15% Off All Items


Handcrafted in the Netherlands

After having spent the last decade in beautiful and bustling Amsterdam, I've recently moved to Hoorn. I live there with the two loves of my life, Dimitri & Motto, creating art and sharing it with the world.