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I'm Leonie, a freelance artist & designer from Hoorn, the Netherlands.

I'm a ball of chaotic enthusiasm that sleeps a lot and can't settle on a single style. There are so many gorgeous things to try, why would anyone choose?? 

When I'm creating I find joy, so I let myself be guided by whatever works in that moment! My art is always sprinkled with the things I love so much (cats, space, books!) and inspired by my life with chronic pain. Creating helps me turn any darkness into light.


I love sharing that feeling so that others find the same levity and joy from my art as I find in creating it. Sometimes I do that through emotive abstract paintings and sometimes through cute cats. (we can all use a bit of cute in our lives ;) ) 
Whichever it is, you can always count on joy & hope being at the heart of it all


Despite living with chronic pain I'm working hard every day pursuing my dream of creating a fulltime life as an artist. I'm learning the wonderful art of product design now and can't wait to create so many more products to share with the world! ❤︎

Studio Vlog #6 Market Reviews7_edited.jpg

Handcrafted in the Netherlands

All my products and paintings are hand made by yours truly! After having spent the last decade in beautiful and bustling Amsterdam, I've recently moved to Hoorn. I live there with the two loves of my life, Dimitri & Motto, creating art, making products and sharing it with the world!

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