Rainbow Postcard Set

Rainbow Postcard Set

The whole Rainbow collection is now available as a postcard set! This is a perfect gift for an art lover, giving them (or yourself?) the gift of the entire rainbow, without breaking the bank! These postcards are made with high-quality art paper with signage on the back so you can send them, or keep them as mini art prints since the prints and paper are such great quality.


And if that's not enough, by ordering them as a set, you save € 7,- !


This paper has a slight texture and is a natural white, giving it the exact look of the original watercolour painting while allowing the colours to pop. 


Also available in sizes A4 (Limited Edition) (21 x 29,7) and A5 (14,8 x 21) size.


**All Sets come pre-wrapped, saving you time if it's a gift!**

    € 16,00Price