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Autumn King (Orange)

Autumn King (Orange)

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The Autumn King is the personification of the colour Orange. Although he can be capricious at times, he is never one to hide his beauty or his warmth. He is colourful and he is welcoming, inviting us to slow down and cozy up. He's the crunching leaves under our feet, the freshness in the air and the fall sunshine shining brightly, warming us deeply, as we prepare for a season of change.



The Autumn King was created, layer by layer, until it's autumn colours felt deep and warm. Thanks to small details in gold ink, it shimmers in the sunlight, giving this painting the feel of a sunny fall day.


An original watercolour painting measuring 21x29,7 cm, painted on High-Quality 300gsm Hot Pressed Cotton paper. Only the highest quality materials were used in the creation of this painting.



--- All originals are shipped via Tracked Shipping. ---

Color: Orange

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