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On Alien Worlds

Graphic wall art for sci-fi fans that also love that warm interior design aesthetic.


I've always loved all things space & science fiction. When I was a little girl I would buy pyjamas that looked like a uniform so I could feel like I was on the Enterprise.

Today, I still love how the idea of other worlds can spark my imagination. I wanted to bring that imagination into my home, but I'm also the kind of person that loves to scour Pinterest and make my home feel Just So, with that picture-perfect Instagram feel. While decorating my house I wanted to put some of that sci-fi love on the walls, but everything I found was too on the nose or it didn't fit in with my aesthetic. So I made my own! 

I quickly realised that if I'm wanting this, I may not be the only one. After raising enough funds through Kickstarter to produce a first batch. The posters & other products are now finally available for all!

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